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Explore Wear is a fair trade & eco-friendly apparel brand based in Switzerland.
Our thoughtful, handcrafted clothing avoids the trendiness of fast fashion, so you can cherish each piece for many years to come. We offer wide range of one size clothing that every woman can enjoy their natural, elegant pieces.

All Explore Wear products are produced with respect to people and the environment, hand made in Switzerland and Lithuania. 

Each design of Explore Wear includes consideration of the future: how the product will be used, how it will age, how it will be disposed of and what environmental impact the product will have (during manufacturing, use and after use). For that reason we strive to use only natural fabrics and yarns.

Thinking about what we design and produce and why, as well as what consequences our design may bring, forms the basis of ethical thinking and future-oriented value creation.
Explore Wear values creates the foundation upon which a good design is built: a design that is grounded on ethical consideration, which has a low environmental impact and which is also easy to fall in love with.